Fleet Remapping

Why is a Remap right for my fleet?

So you may be interested to know, fuel is different in every country. Each government controls what ratios to mix additives or whether to import higher or lower grades of fuel in general. Vehicle manufacturers know this but refuse to program their vehicles ECUs in accordance to every individual country they sell to.

What the manufacturers actually do is program their vehicles ECUs with a ‘Generic Map’, this has been calculated based on an around the world average for fuel grade, types and quantity of additives. These generic maps are a diagram for the ECU to specify how much fuel / air is mixed and when to combust it. In principal, this works but isn’t always the most efficient way.

In a perfect world, every fuel station within one country should sell the exact same fuel. Fortunately within the United Kingdom, the fuels we can purchase are all very similar, with specific, fixed tolerances for fuel grade and additives to be introduced. With these measures in place, we can ensure the most economically efficient map, tailored to your vehicles. This transpires into money savings and reduced emissions.


Fleet remapping is one of the most affordable methods in reducing your companies fuel costs. Particularly when you have multiple vehicles, running the same engine and model variant. To put it simply, each vehicle makes and models ECUs are programmed differently. The only way to know if two ECUs are the same is to check the Hardware number and Software number printed on and inside each ECU. This can be read using remapping tools. Times when they are the same are usually particular years of manufacturing.

The costs of fleet remapping are specific to your needs. To request a Quote, please see the contact form below. As a rough guide line, we charge for each file that needs editing (This could be as few as One, depending on the vehicles in your fleet) plus, a small labour charge to upload/per vehicle.

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