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If your thing isn’t to put many horses onto tarmac but prefer to feather the throttle, to achieve the maximum efficiency for miles per gallon? Well we have the package for you!

Our Eco-Diesel remap can save you as much as 15% on your fuel costs and usage as long as you drive sensibly ofcourse.

There are a long number of ways in which we modify your ecu files to increase efficiency, some of those methods are noticeable such as decreased throttle sensitivity, which gives an accurate and smoother power delivery that can lower fuel consumption caused by over revving and speeding up only to brake. 

We also tune your engines air to fuel mixture to ensure you are getting an efficient combustion cycle every time. Altering the air to fuel ratios to improve efficiency can cause more fuel to be used in combustion.  We do this because if the correct amount of fuel and air is detonated, power may be increased along with torque but less energy is wasted through using the wrong mixture.

Needless to say this product sells itself from all angles, with the ability to save you the cost of the product in fuel, within only 6 months of average daily driving.

Your results may vary due to many factors and variables.


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