Price List

Standard Services
Eco Efficient Diesel Tune£99
Stage 1£180
Stage 2£235
Base Stage 3From £299
02/Lambda Off*£69.996
AdBlue Off*£69.996
Boost Sensor Calibration*£69.996
Catalyst Heating Off£105.0010
De Cat (Tune only)£99.009
DPF Off*£69.996
Drift mode£120.0012
DTC Removal*£49.994
ECO Tuning£99.0010
EGR off (Tune only)£89.998
Exhaust Flap Control£115.0011
Gearbox tuning (DSG)£189.9918
Hardcut popcorn limiter (Diesel)£115.0011
Hot Start Fix*£69.996
IMMO Off£115.0011
Injector Scaling£115.0011
Launch Control (If available)£200.0020
MAF Off*£69.996
Map Switching£200.0020
NLS – No Lift Shift£105.0010
Original File Request*£29.993
Pop and Bang on Sport button (Where available)£150.0015
Pops and Bangs£114.9911
Pops and Bangs only above 4000rpm£129.9912
Speed Limiter Removal*£69.996
Stage 1£180.0018
Stage 2£235.0023
Stage 3£299.0029
Start / Stop Off£99.009
Start Up Roar£99.009
Stop/Start Off*£69.996
Swirl Flaps Off*£69.996
Torque Monitor Off Patch£99.009
TVA Off*£69.996
VMAX Speedlimit On/Off, Higher/Lower£99.009

Services marked with a * can be added to any of our standard services, free of charge. Services that do not show * are charged at the prices above.

Not all services in our price list are available to all makes and models of vehicles. If they cannot be done, a refund will be provided automatically. If you are using our file service, credits are deducted and calculated by the engineer working on your project manually.

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