About us

Welcome to J X Tuning – Mobile Remapping Service

We are here to provide you with a fully mobile solution to editing internal combustion electronic control units, increasing both performance and efficiency. We also provide a file editing service for our self employed affiliate tuners with a professional white label service. Our services include;

  • Mobile remapping service
  • Bespoke written ECU Remapping Files
  • Fully customized , stainless steel exhaust systems, made to order (coming soon!)
  • File editing service for professionals and enthusiasts.

Professionally, we started trading in 2020, presenting a fully mobile remapping service. Collectivly our staff have over 15 years of experience as a trio. Also we have been improving our own cars’ performance for the best part of 10 years.. each! We have all got mechanical experience as having previous roles as vehicle technician and mechanic for members of the public, fleet vehicles and even some agricultural vehicles. I doubt you will have a question for us that we haven’t already asked ourself!

The mission?

To supply you with custom remaps and remapping services, wherever your vehicle may be. At home? at work? as long as we can access your vehicle, we can work our magic! For those of you who wish to use our file editing services for their own business, we are open 7 days a week, to both answer your questions and to edit your files.

*Disclaimer – We can only provide mobile remapping In (Main land) England, Scotland and Wales. Currently we can not service Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland or any of the UK channel Islands.*

Alternatively, our file service is available internationally!

In the not too distant future, hopefully, we will secure decent accommodation to provide you with a one stop shop for performance tuning. Custom built, stainless steel exhausts. Window tinting and vinyl wrapping. Dashboard customization, LED lighting and paint correction. Just to name a few. Be sure to keep checking back on our progress.

Donations towards progressing the business are not compulsory, but will be highly appreciated.

So what can we do for you?

For the time being, we aim to provide you with a fully mobile remapping service. Our file service is available 7 days a week, on average, we can edit and have your files ready to download within the hour. Some files can take longer to edit depending on requirements and type of ECU.

Services include

Mobile Remapping Service
  • Custom written tuning files
  • Eco Tuning (Diesels Only)
  • Stage 1, 2
  • Stage 3 Base File Preparation
  • Agricultural tuning
  • DSG Automatic Gearbox Tuning
  • DSG Stage 1, (2, 3 if available)
  • DTC removal (P error codes)
  • Plus optional extras; DPF, EGR Block/Delete, DPF and EGR, MAF Removal, Vmax removal, Decat/Lambda O2/NOX sensor removal, Hot start/Cold Start, Antilag, Warranty patch (BMW/Mini/VAG), Pops & Bangs/Crackle map, Pops & Bangs/Crackle map on button press (if possible), Hard cut limiter (diesel), Launch control, Start/Stop system off, Flaps and Adblue off.
  • Radio Codes (Currently just for Ford vehicles)

For local customers and customers who have purchased a remap, we can also offer a ‘Mobile Mechanic’ service. Services include;

  • Diagnostics
  • Brake replacement, disks and pads.
  • Interim service / Full service
  • Suspension repairs
  • Fitting of upgrades / aftermarket parts, to accommodate your remap or styling.

Want to check our prices?

Click here to view our up to date price list.

Fleet Services

As you can already see, we cater for both the many and the few. Whatever size business you run, we have the perfect service for you.

If you have more than 1 of the same vehicle in your fleet, it is likely that both vehicles will have the same ECU with the same software and hardware numbers. If so we can offer greater discounts to our fleet customers as it means we may only have to edit 1 file but upload it to 10 vehicles.

Click here to find out more about fleet remapping and to request a quote.